Embassy Interview Preparation

College/Embassy interview

During the study visa process there are chance that a student is verified by the interview by college for offering COE and embassy for checking the candidates  genuineness for visa grant.This is most important and crucial stage. Here at RIGHTWAY AIRLINKS we help candidates during their  interview preparation. We prepare student thoroughly for facing any kind of question..We help him/her build the required confidence and fill up the loop holes in their research about study abroad. Interview is not only about your knowledge it also about presenting themselves in a way to convey the right details..Its a two way communication and student  is need to overcome most of the communication hurdles on their part only.

We assist candidate in researching every aspect of study abroad and their personal reason for going for it. Our trainers are well experienced  and give each student special attention ..They make  individualized  preparation plan according to student need. We have a high success ratio of visa grants after interview. Our counselors are well experienced and know the  type of questions  universities generally ask  to \ students during  interviews. The interview preparation is  guided by professionals  counselors and faculty who are  experts in their job and make sure to provide you with the optimum level of preparation.